Project Management

Cotswold Gardeners can offer full project management and contracting services. Once the design package has been approved and agreed we work with the client to provide the most cost effective way of developing their garden. All relevant documents will be forwarded to the contractors, specialist contractors and suppliers where appropriate. This will enable fair and accurate quotations from these individuals.

Once the contractor has been selected, we can act as project managers for the scheme where any possible issues can be resolved by regular site visits with the client and the contractor.

Dependent upon the size and complexity of the scheme we can arrange for subcontract staff as individuals, small teams, specialist trades or suppliers that may be required.

For larger projects it could be more efficient to employ a landscape contractor. Visits can be on a weekly basis or as requested by the client. After each visit, a written report will be prepared for the client and the contractor. This will ensure that the quality of work is being maintained, the work is being done in the right order, materials are arriving at the right time and the contractor is coordinating with any specialists. Is the work on schedule, do any amendments have to be made?  Sometimes, approval of payments on behalf of the client may have to be made.

We will always respect your privacy and property on site and will ensure the site is safe and tidy when we leave. Our contractors are always courteous, professional and ready to help with any questions you may have.

If you need expert garden project management then contact us today

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