Maintenance of borders and plants in a garden is a specialist skill. One needs to know the name of the plant, when it can be pruned and by how much. This can vary from young plants into maturity. Pruning retains the health and vigour of the plant. Pruning will also induce strong flowering and fruit for the appropriate plants.

We can provide a maintenance programme for existing gardens as well as new schemes. This will allow for the client or their staff to refer to it and know what to do and when.

Alternatively, we can arrange for one off practical pruning days to instruct you at the right time of the year.

We can also provide regular visits on a monthly or quarterly maintenance.

Our specialism is the restoration of overgrown gardens where formative pruning over a period of time will return the plants to their best.

We can also make arrangements for tree work, hedge cutting, lawn care and grass cutting.

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