Natural Swimming Pool

The property is an imposing contemporary building using Natural stone, a planning requirement to be in keeping with the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The split level property is built into a sloping site where the main living area faces East to a beautiful view of the Cotswolds and Winchcombe.

The available garden was a large paved terrace on the East elevation. The remaining garden was sloping grass where little or nothing was available to use. The area of garden was small to the size of the property with no hope of obtaining further ground that the client owned for change of use.

The client was very keen to have a swimming pool. When we explained the principles of a natural swimming pond that used no chemicals she was excited at the prospect- more so when she knew that it could be heated!

The only area of the garden that could be used was to the South side of the house a relatively narrow but long site. The site was cleared retaining any reusable material. The slope was graded into three level areas and two embankments. The upper paved terrace and lawn is for the end of day Gin and tonic moment. The second level became the main lawn bounded by two embankments. The last level was used for the installation of the swimming pond and connection to the existing East facing Terrace. Any other changes in level was used for the boundary planting adjacent to the road.

All of these levels were connected by a “spine” of paths and steps where if you don’t turn left at the bottom you walk straight into the pool (by design!).

The main filtration equipment is in a chamber below the deck at the far end of the pond. The remaining filter system is by a planting zone within the water.

A lighting system was installed throughout the garden along with a sound system by the pool.

For the greater part the client wanted to see planting of bright and clashing colours – though I did keep it a little calmer around the pool. Now the client has a garden with level areas that she can use and chase the sun for the whole of the day.

When she is not swimming in the pool, when looking from the house she is looking at a feature that connects with the garden and the landscape beyond.

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