Garden for life


This was a garden that had been brewing in my head for the last 10 years. A Malvern Show Garden in 2011 where I wanted  a landscaped garden that could be used for the elements of modern living and be self sustaining        

The garden features a large ‘A Framed’ building which is geared for multi-purpose use as a summerhouse, office or guest room. The eaves of the ‘A Frame’ building become extra storage inside. The eaves outside become a cold frame, part of the vegetable garden and discreetly hidden recycling store. The ground floor room extends out onto a Eucalyptus Sustainable Hardwood Deck where a hammock hangs from the rafters. Children can scurry up an outside ladder, built into the main frame, to the upper deck and secret den in the attic.

Photovoltaic cells, provide power to a battery that provides light and low grade heat to the building and a solar powered water feature.  A rainwater harvesting system beneath the deck was  supplied by ‘The Greenshop’ in Bisley. Again power to pump the water is independent.  There is also a purple Beehive and a live Wormery to supplement the small vegetable and fruit garden.

The sunken garden has a water feature with a sump beneath for excess water from the harvesting system. The recess in this feature can also be used as a firepit The sunken area could further fill with water and drain in times of excess and avoid run off.

The building is South facing to make up for the shade cast over the garden adjacent to the house.

Primarily a Wildlife Garden, the garden will help to develop children’s awareness of nature, with an element of fun alongside learning, while in the evening the garden becomes a place of calm for the adults!

The plants  provide the impression of a Woodland Edge or Glade. The path is of Indian Tumbled Walling Stone with Sawn Setts to the outside edge. The setts are pointed with sand, the other surfaces are of Self Binding Gravel to further aid drainage.

The boundaries are formed by framed Hazel Hurdles and a unique ‘Hop’ Hornbeam (Carpinus Japonica) hedge.

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