Country Garden

The property was a new build at the time of the design where the only exterior construction was the retaining wall and terrace that covered the split levels within the house. From the foot of the retaining wall the ground sloped away and levelled out when approaching the River Coln.

The retaining wall effectively divorced the house from the garden. A further level lawn was placed along the foot of the retaining wall by filling in this area. This connected the two elements together and provideds useful space for parties close to the house. A planted embankment connects this lawn to the rest of the garden via a flight of steps in the bank.

Mature trees feature on the boundary that cast shade across the river. Otherwise the whole garden faces south and gets very warm.

Planting immediately adjacent to the house is quite controlled with a rose border of one colour underplanted with spring bulbs of Camassia and Allium. Other borders are planted with a more free form style. The boundary border adjacent to the drive forms a woodland edge. The embankment border starts as a woodland glade beneath a grove of Amelanchier. The remaining South facing bank becomes Mediterranean planting. The border along the River Coln is marginal, shade tolerant planting.

Tree planting includes a grove of Prunus Shirotate that looks stunning against the white stemmed Betula jaquemontii. Further tree planting provides as much all year round interest as possible.

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