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Award winning garden design in Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire and even further afield.

To ensure that we are doing all that you want for your garden we follow a personalised pathway to ensure that the ideas become a reality.

Initial Consultation

We like to meet all clients on site to discuss:

The garden brief – a combination of requirements and design input from the client. While walking around the garden we can discuss the merits of the garden, the existing views and levels and how they can be used.

At this time we can see what type of land survey will be required and get an idea of the budget you are considering for the project.

Design layout plan fees can vary widely dependent upon size and complexity of the project. Once the extent of works are known at the initial consultation a letter for design and surveying fees will be prepared.

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Site Survey

If information that you have is insufficient, a land survey will be needed. The survey can be done either in house or with a specialist land surveyor. We assess the site for views to enhance or remove. Install the existing levels and features. Test the soil, and take photographs as an aide memoire for the design process The surveyors we work with generally return plans to us within two weeks. Once received we can start to work on your design.

Design & Planning

Designs are developed on the brief given with further input and development by Stuart. Plans are to scale and professionally drawn by hand. The design plan will show all hard landscape features, terraces, paths planting beds, trees and lawns. Colour combinations and style of plants and materials.

The drawings will be presented to you along with Moodboards and sketches to provide an understanding of how the finished garden will look, showing textures, colour and style.

Amendments that may be required will be charged on an hourly basis.

With the above, construction drawings, setting out plans, specifications and Bills of Quantity may be required for the hard landscape works.

Planning negotiations may be required because of the property or the area that the garden is in.

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Garden Design in Gloucestershire

Soft landscape works and Planting Plans

Further specifications for the soft landscape works may be required for such as turfing, seeding, ground preparation, border planting and tree planting.

Planting plans using material appropriate to the site and situation can be provided. Style and colour of plants will be considered to complement the Design.

Plant schedules will be created form the planting plan, showing quantities, sizes and any specific information for the supplier to provide good quality materials.

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